3 Healthy Habits to Add to Your Day Today

Sandija Sproģe
5 min readOct 9, 2020

Everything we do in life is and should be all about ourselves. Any long time goal about the dream life should be in our perspective of things. There is one thing all we have in common — we are in charge, it is in our hands to do something about the way we live and change for the better.

We often take shortcuts in our life, taking our happiness and health for granted. I know many of us live stressful lives, but by making a few changes, we can develop habits that will give us more time to be productive and get to the destination we all want for ourselves.

The most effective way of creating a balanced and healthy life is to focus on what matters the most, focus on achieving goals in the long term.

Being healthy or looking after your health is a daily habit, and it should be looked at that way. Incorporating a healthy lifestyle into your routine is the right way to do. It is not a short time change. It is called “a lifestyle” for a reason.

I have gathered the 3 most common healthy habits that anyone should include in their daily life no matter what the dream is.

Practice Healthy Eating Throughout the Day

It can be hard to stick to a healthy eating regime, but we should try to eat three healthy meals each day. By getting enough so-called “super-foods” into our daily meals is a simple and easy enough change we can make today.

You don’t need to make significant changes; incorporating one thing at a time is the best approach, don’t overwhelm yourself. After all, we are trying to make a change for the rest of our life.

Remember — everything needs to be in moderation, keeping in mind, and striving to balance. You don’t need to ditch something out of your daily food intake just because it is bad for you; moderate, cut down a bit, and consume food in a healthy balanced way.

This habit will become a part of your life with consistency and dedication, second nature to your daily routine.

How to get you started:

It is always a good idea to write down what you eat on a daily bases. So before trying to eat healthy or healthier, we need to realize what we consume in the first place. So write…

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