1 Crucial Thing We All Need to Do in Our 20's

to be able to enjoy life in our 30's

Sandija Sproģe
3 min readSep 8, 2022


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I have come to a point in my life where anything anybody says to me means something deeply, like in any conversation there is a lesson to be learned.

Sometimes I wish I had this revelation sooner in my life, it would have made a difference in my life — to engage in any conversation with an understanding of others and with the purpose of learning something from someone else.

Life can be so difficult and so full of hard things and moments and days in general. Sometimes it can make me feel like I am losing this game of life or something, but then I remind myself that I am still on this runway to a better life, and I have more to look forward to than to look back at.

Now being in my 30's I can for sure say that I have learned a lot, gathered a massive amount of knowledge, read a lot of useful literature, and lived a bit.

So with a guarantee that this one thing will change your life, here is that one thing we all should do in our 20's.

Work On A Side Hustle

Looking back at my life, I can for sure say that I wasted a lot of my time doing a bunch of useless things. These things won’t mean a thing to me when I will be old and crumbly.

I don’t regret a thing I did, the only thing I do regret is — not managing my time well enough, and not working on my side hustle. Yes, young adulthood can be stressful and full of tasks to do, but if we can get a look at our life from an outside perspective it can change the way we go by our days.

Managing time, setting tasks to be done, knowing our goals, and having a schedule is the key — finding more time to work on a side hustle. It will pay you back eventually, and then it will all be worth it.

Final Thoughts

For me now, I am struggling. I didn’t do the side hustle thing, so I am doing it now. Yes, it is never too late to start, but it is better to start early, and you don’t need to be spending hours on hours doing your side hustle.

It takes a few hours a week, a few minutes a day, and it will build up and accumulate more and more, and it eventually will pay off. Just think about what your life can be if you start today.

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